Details On Author Rewards

Every interaction with your content earns you reward points

The chart provided below offers a comprehensive overview, detailing what activities qualify for reward points, when these points can be earned, and the specific amount of points each action generates. This guide ensures you fully understand how to maximize your rewards through engagement with our platform.

Top ten authors are ranked based on the reward points they accumulate.

Content Event Points
Ebook Best Content 250
Ebook Submit 200
Article Best Content 100
Article Submit 50
Article Comment 25
Ebook Comment 25
Ebook Download 25
Article Like 10
Article Share 10
Ebook Like 10
Ebook Share 10
Article View 5
Ebook View 5
Article Unlike -10
Ebook Unlike -10

Unlocking Lottery Entries for Cash Rewards

Earn 50 points to receive a Lottery Entry, unlocking the chance to win cash rewards. Points used for Lottery Entries will be frozen. Your Lottery Entry includes an English Letter, a Super Number, four additional Numbers, and details of the Draw Number, Date, and Time.

Prize Tiers and Matching Criteria for the Lottery

Prize Tier Matching Prize $
1 Four Nos., Letter & Super 5000.00
2 Four Nos. & Super 1000.00
3 Four Nos. & Letter 1000.00
4 Four Nos. 100.00
5 Three Nos. & Letter 40.00
6 Three Nos. 4.00
7 Two Nos. & Letter 2.00
8 Two Nos. 0.50
9 One No. & Letter 0.50
10 One No. 0.10
11 Super No. 0.10
12 English Letter 0.10

Maximizing Your Cash Prizes: Shopping and More

Your lucky prizes, awarded in USD, are instantly credited to your 'Wallet Balance' upon winning. Utilize your Wallet Balance to shop for a variety of useful products and services featured in the site’s Fortune Bazaar, generously provided by our sponsors who are keen on supporting the creation of valuable contents about Mauritius.

Selection of the Best Ten Contents

Each piece of content you contribute, be it an article or eBook, undergoes a thorough evaluation by a panel of professional assessors. These assessors, chosen from a pool of qualified scholars with a passion for Mauritius, critique submissions based on criteria set by the site administrators. They assess the value, language, design, and relevance of the content, awarding each submission an average score out of 100.

From all submissions, the highest-scoring ten best articles and ten best eBooks are showcased. Among these top contenders, one exceptional piece is crowned as the super best content: the super best article or eBook. This distinction is awarded based on the reward points earned by the authors of the content.

Every Sunday, at the time the 'Best Content’ event is triggered by the system, the creator of the super best article or eBook receives additional reward points.